Smashed table

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Examine: This table has seen better days

Smashed table is a piece of scenery found in various locations, including Ah Za Roon. In Ah Za Roon it is crafted into a raft and used to escape the ruins of the temple.

Messages[edit | edit source]

You may be able to turn this delapidated[sic] table into
something that could help you to get out of this place.
What would you like to try and turn this table into?
A ladder
Your experience in crafting tells you that
there isn't enough wood to complete this task.
A crude raft
You see that this table already looks very sea worthy
it takes virtually no time at all to help fix it into.
a crude raft.
You place it carefully on the water!
You board the raft!
You push off!
Player: Weeeeeeee!
A pole vault
You happily start hacking away at the table
But realise[sic] that you won't have enough woood[sic] to properly finish the item off!
Player: Oops! Not enough wood left to do anything else with the table!
There isn't enough wood left in this table to make anything!

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