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P[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
P2P(er) Pay to play - a member or piece of members only content
Pass Password (the word password is censored in-game), Shantay pass, Underground Pass
Ph, Phat Partyhat
Pick Pickaxe
PJer/PJing Someone who PJs/Going out into the Wilderness specifically to pile jump.
PKer Someone who attacks and kills other players, usually in the wilderness
Plate/Pl8 Plate mail body or Plate mail top
Pls / Plz Shorthand / internet slang for "please"
PMod Player Moderator
Pot / Pots Potion, Lobster pot. Can be used to inform other players to drink potions ("pot up"). There is also an item named pot.
Pp pickpocket
Ppl People
Pray Pot/Ppot Prayer potion
Pure Someone who trains only one type of skill; someone who only trains combat skills, or only non-combat skills.