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M[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
M, Mil Million (e.g. 1M = 1,000,000)
Mage, Mager Referring to the Magic skill, a player who uses Magic more than Range or Melee.
Mage tank Player with high Magic and Defense.
Main A player's main character
Maxed, Maxing When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g. maxed Strength); when someone hits their max hit on a person (maxing); or when someone has a combat level of 123.
MB Mage bank (inside the Mage Arena in deep Wilderness).
Mb My bad
Med Medium helmet
Mem, Memb Member
Merching, Merch, Merchanting Usually means the buying of an item then selling that same item later on in order to make a profit.
Mith Mithril
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