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D[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
D or Drag Dragon (Used when talking about items, not the creature. E.g: D sword = Dragon Sword)
Dagg Dagger
Dbaxe/DBA Dragon battle Axe
D bones Dragon Bones
Dced/Dc'd/DC Disconnected
DD Death dot: term used to describe a group of PKers all standing on one spot so that it appears as if only one person is there.
Def Defense
Def Noob Defense Noob: a common term used among PKers to describe a person who has a very high Defense level while having a low combat level.
D long Dragon Sword (players who play RuneScape 2 may use this term; the Dragon Sword was renamed Dragon Longsword when "Runescape Classic" was changed to "Runescape 2."
D med Dragon medium helmet
DM Death Match: players who are fighting each other in the Wilderness may agree to fight to the death. (This means that both players agree not to retreat under any circumstances, even if they run out of food)