Sinclair Crest

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The Sinclair Crest is a piece of scenery located in the Sinclair Mansion. It is located to the east side of the main entrance.

Investigate on the Sinclair Crest

During Murder Mystery the crest in Sinclair Mansion must be investigated under Guards supervision if Frank Sinclair is suspected guilty or the player hasn't been able to determine between the six members of the family.

Investigating it prior the start of the quest and after its completion:

You need the guards permission to do that

Investigating it after accepting the quest:

The Sinclair Family Crest is hung up here

Investigating it after the player has spoken with the Poison Salesman and the distinct family members leads to two cases. One in which Frank used the poison on the drain (not guilty) and one in which he didn't (guilty).

Investigating when Frank is not guilty:

The sinclair family crest
its[sic] shiny and freshly polished
And has a slight smell of poison

Investigating when Frank is guilty:

It looks like the Sinclair Family Crest
but it is very dirty.
you can barely make it out under all of the grime
Its[sic] certainly clear nobodies[sic] cleaned it recently.