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This article is about the waymarker, not to be confused with signs, which are found outside many shops


Signposts can be found near many paths in RuneScape Classic. Examining a signpost will give information on where the path it is indicating leads to.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Examine
Next to the southern bridge in Lumbridge To Varrock
Three at the junction north of Draynor To the tower of wizards
To Lumbridge Castle
To Draynor Manor
Slightly southeast of the Lumbridge General Store To the forge
At the west entrance to Varrock To the Barbarian's Village
Slightly east of the above in the gap in the wall To Al Kharid
Three at the junction south of Varrock To Al Kharid

To Varrock To Lumbridge Castle

Near Brimhaven Palm Street
Near Camelot To Camelot
Ardougne Zoo Ardougne city zoo
Next to Tourist Information Centre Tourist infomation
Observatory Reception Observatory reception
Exam Centre Digsite educational centre
Near Digsite[Clarify] To the digsite
Shilo Village furnace To the Furnace

Removed Signposts[edit | edit source]

Location Examine Removal date
Slightly southeast of Varrock's house with Dummies To player owned houses 26 July 2001

Unreleased Signposts[edit | edit source]

These signposts were found in the game files but were never released and have the following examines:

  • a signpost [Usage unknown]

Digsite[edit | edit source]

Signpost digsite.png

The Digsite contains signposts that denote what level of certification is needed to work in that certain sectioned area the signposted is located in.

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