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This article is about the shop sign, not to be confused with signposts, which are found as a waymarker along roads

Light side of the sign
Dark side of the sign

A Sign (sometimes written in lowercase) is an object that can be found hanging from an attachment to the wall of many shops.

Signs[edit | edit source]

Examining a sign will give you the name of the shop or pub, and/or information about what it sells. The examine texts are:

Location Examine
At banks The Bank of runescape
Blue Moon Inn The blue moon inn
At the entrance of Player Owned Houses estate agent
Jolly Boar Inn The Jolly boar inn
General Stores General Store
Lowe's Archery Store Lowe's Archery store
Thessalia's Fine Clothes The Clothes Shop
Varrock Swords Varrock Swords
Bob's Axes Bob's axes
Zaff's Superior Staves The staff shop
Wydin's Food Store Wydin's grocery
The Rusty Anchor The Rusty Anchor
Gerrant's Fishy Business Fishing Supplies
Grum's Gold Exchange Jewellers
Gaius' Two Handed Shop 2-handed swords sold here
Jatix's Herblaw Shop &
Entrana Herblaw Shop
ye olde herbalist
Harry's Fishing Shack Harry's fishing shack
The Shrimp and Parrot The shrimp and parrot
Dead Man's Chest The dead man's chest
Rising Sun The rising sun
Hickton's Archery Store Hickton's Archery store
Forester's Arms The forester's arms
RPDT depot in East Ardougne RPDT depot
Flying Horse Inn The flying horse
Fancy Clothes Store Tailors fancy dress
Dancing Donkey Inn The dancing donkey inn
Ye Olde Dragon Inn Ye Olde Dragon Inn
(unused) read me
Paramaya Inn The Paramaya Hostel

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