Sidney Smith

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Sidney Smith is a non-player character who is located in a building north west of the bank in Yanille. By talking to Sidney Smith or by using the item to be certed directly on her (the faster method), players can exchange the following items:

Super attack Potion.png Super Attack Potion
Super Attack Potion Certificate.png Super Attack Potion Certificate
Super strength Potion.png Super Strength Potion
Super Strength Potion Certificate.png Super Strength Potion Certificate
Super defense Potion.png Super defense Potion
Super Defense Potion Certificate.png Super Defense Potion Certificate
Restore prayer Potion.png Restore prayer Potion
Prayer Potion Certificate.png Prayer Potion Certificate
Dragon Bones.png Dragon Bones
Dragon Bone Certificate.png Dragon Bone Certificate
Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt root
Limpwurt Root Certificate.png Limpwurt Root Certificate

Because these items are not stackable and players can only trade twelve items per trade screen, they are often exchanged for certificates so that they can be traded easier and faster.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player does not have enough free space when they are uncerting, the items will spill out and be dropped onto the floor.