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Port Sarim ship to Karamja.
Lumbridge Lady is much smaller than the other two Port Sarim ships.

Ship is a piece of scenery found from various ports. They are used to travel between ports.

Lumbridge Lady is a smaller special boat bought from Klarense during Dragon Slayer. It is repaired during the quest and then used to travel to Crandor.

The Lady of the Waves (A sea faring ship called 'Lady Of The Waves') is a southwestern Karamja ship that requires Ship Ticket to board. The ship sails to Port Sarim and Port Khazard.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Fee Notes Examine
Port Sarim <---> Musa Point 30 GP Operated by Captain Tobias, Seaman Lorris and Seaman Thresnor A ship to Karamja / A ship to Port Sarim
Port Sarim <---> Entrana Free Players cannot have any weapons or armours when they use this ship (Runes and amulets are fine to bring but Coins however, are not.). A ship to Entrana / A ship to Port Sarim
Port Sarim ---> Crandor 2000 GP During Dragon Slayer quest The Lumbridge Lady
Catherby ---> Keep LeFaye Free During and after Merlin's Crystal quest.

Another player is required to distract Arhein in order for the other one to enter the ship's hold.

A merchant ship
East Ardougne <---> Brimhaven 30 GP A ship to Port Birmhaven / A ship bound for Ardougne
Port Khazard ---> Brimhaven 30 GP A ship to Port Birmhaven
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