Scrumpled piece of paper

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A Scrumpled piece of paper is an item that occasionally drops from Shantay's pocket in Shantay Pass while you are talking to him. It holds the secret to making a delicious ugthanki kebab recipe.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Scrumpled piece of paper.
*** Delicious Ugthanki Kebab ***

Ingredients: Cooked Ugthanki meat

The Ugthanki meat should be nicely grilled.
Next take the flour and water and make some Pitta Bread.
You'll need a range to do this.

Take an onion and chop it into a bowl.
Take a tomato and chop it into the onion mixture.
Chop the meat into the Onion and Tomato mixture.
Finally fill the pitta bread with the Ugthanki, Onion and
Tomato mixture to make your delicious Ugthanki Kebab.