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Examine: Yep they're sacks

Sacks are a piece of scenery found all over Gielinor. They are brown and oblong in appearance, with exaggerated pointed corners.

Searchable Sacks[edit | edit source]

Most sacks can only be examined but some may be searched for quest related items:

Searching sacks in Ah Za Roon
  • Ah Za Roon sacks can be searched for a Crumpled Scroll- part of the Shilo Village quest
    • Doing so will produce the following messages:
      • You find a tattatered[sic], very ornate scroll.
      • Which you place carefully in your inventory.

Prodable Sacks[edit | edit source]

Holy sack.png

During The Holy Grail quest the player must prod the sacks in the west most building in the Goblin Village to free Sir Percival.

Non-Searchable Sacks[edit | edit source]

There are many locations where Sacks that cannot be searched are found in RuneScape Classic's scenery- here is a partial list:

Trivia[edit | edit source]