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A RuneScape Classic server is a computer that hosts RuneScape Classic game world, and is operated by Jagex. By connecting to a server, many players can play on a single world and interact with each other.

In the beginning of the game there were only two servers. A third was opened on 9 May 2001 and more have been added since RuneScape Classic's reopening. The number of servers has varied throughout the years but was reduced to three in 2011. It is required that you are a current RuneScape pay-to-play member to access RuneScape Classic.

An updating RuneScape Classic server.

List of servers[edit | edit source]

This is a current list of RuneScape Classic servers:

Some users may need to set up Java Runtime Environment to add the server addresses to Java Control Panel security exceptions list in order to be able to load the game.

Login Screen[edit | edit source]

The login screen allows players to enter their username and password to log in the server. The background image cycles between longtable & chairs and two locations in Lumbridge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

You can use Chat commands to change the colour of the text on the login screen.


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