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Icons are symbols on the official RuneScape Classic world map representing certain buildings and locations.

Game features[edit | edit source]

Key Location and notes
Altar icon.png Altar Numerous locations
Bank icon.png Bank Numerous locations, generally in major towns and cities
Bed icon.png Bed Numerous locations
Certificate trader icon.png Certers East Ardougne, Brimhaven, Catherby, Draynor Village, Fishing Guild, Yanille
Dungeon icon.png Dungeon Numerous locations
Quest icon.png Quest starting point Numerous locations

Shops[edit | edit source]

Key Location and notes
Amulet shop icon.png Amulet shop Brimhaven
Apothecary icon.png Apothecary Varrock
Archery shop icon.png Ranged equipment shop Catherby, Varrock
Armour conversion icon.png Armour conversion East Ardougne, Varrock
Axe shop icon.png Axe shop Lumbridge, Port Sarim
Body armour shop icon.png Body armour shop Falador, Varrock
Clothes shop icon.png Clothes shop Tree Gnome Stronghold, Varrock
Cookery shop icon.png Cooking shop Bandit Camp, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Yanille
Crafting shop icon.png Crafting shop Al Kharid, Ardougne marketplace, Rimmington
Fishing shop icon.png Fishing shop Catherby, Fishing Guild, Port Sarim, Shilo Village
Food shop icon.png Food shop Ardougne marketplace, Brimhaven, Port Sarim, Tree Gnome Stronghold
Gem shop icon.png Gem shop Al Kharid, Ardougne marketplace, Falador
General shop icon.png General Store Al Kharid, Catherby, East and West Ardougne, Edgeville, Falador, Karamja, Tai Bwo Wannai, Lumbridge, Rimmington, Shilo Village, Bandit Camp
Helmet shop icon.png Helmet shop Barbarian Village
Herblaw shop icon.png Herblaw shop Entrana, Taverley
Jewellery shop icon.png Jewellery shop Port Sarim
Kebab shop icon.png Kebab shop Al Kharid
Leg armour shop icon.png Leg armour shop Al Kharid
Mace shop icon.png Mace shop Falador
Magic shop icon.png Magic shop Mage Arena, Port Sarim, Varrock
Pub icon.png Pub East Ardougne, Brimhaven, Falador, Fight Arena, Port Sarim, Seers' Village, Shilo Village, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Varrock, Yanille
Scimitar shop icon.png Scimitar shop Al Kharid
Shield shop icon.png Shield shop Falador
Silk trader icon.png Silk trader Al Kharid, Ardougne marketplace
Skirt armour shop icon.png Skirt armour shop Al Kharid
Staff shop icon.png Staff shop Varrock
Sword shop icon.png Sword shop Taverley, Varrock
Tannery icon.png Tannery Al Kharid, Crafting Guild

Training[edit | edit source]

Key Location and notes
Anvil icon.png Anvil Asgarnian southern peninsula, West Ardougne, Doric's hut, Hemenster, Ruins (west), Seers' Village, Tai Bwo Wannai, Varrock, Yanille
Combat practice icon.png Combat practice Varrock
Fishing point icon.png Fishing spot Numerous locations near a body of water. Notably Catherby, Draynor Village, Musa Point pier, around Tree Gnome Stronghold, Fishing Guild
Furnace icon.png Furnace Al Kharid, Ardougne, Entrana, Falador, Lumbridge, Shilo Village
Pickable lock icon.png Pickable lock Around Ardougne
Mining site icon.png Mining site Numerous locations, see mines
Rare trees icon.png Rare trees Yew and magic tree locations. Barbarian Outpost, Tree Gnome Stronghold, McGrubor's Wood, in and around Seers' Village
Spinning wheel icon.png Spinning wheel Crafting Guild, Lumbridge, Seers' Village, Tree Gnome Stronghold