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This page in a nut shell: If you see vandalism, please change it back, and report it to an admin at CVU or on the Maple Grove forum

Although we do not want vandalism on the Wiki, it can and will occasionally happen. It might be a bit hard to decide what counts as vandalism sometimes, and some people's definition of vandalism might be a whole lot different than another. These rules are a general acceptance for vandalism.

What is vandalism[edit source]

  • Using harsh language that does not contribute to the article.
  • Using personal attacks on another user.
  • Blanking pages.
  • Adding a lot of nonsense to a page.
  • Repeated offenses of minor offenses

What isn't vandalism[edit source]

Sometimes, a small warning is necessary for a user to prevent repeat offenses. Some of the situations that a warning is needed can be found below, and how to solve the issue.

  • Removing a small amount of information. *Can be talked about on the talk page*
  • Adding a small bit of nonsense to a page. *Warning on user talk page*
  • Incorrectly adding information. *Can just be undone, user might be informed of wrong information*
  • Adding minor language to articles. *Article can be rewritten to remove language if it isn't needed. Otherwise, leave it be. No warning*

Although all of these cases fall under non-vandalism, a user can still be blocked if repeated offenses happen, after a warning occurs.

What to do[edit source]

What should one's actions be when a vandal occurs? If a non-sysop user catches a vandal first, the user should notify an admin or bureaucrat of the vandal. If a sysop undid the vandal, or has been notified of the vandal, they should block the user, the length is decided by the sysop.