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This page in a nut shell: Talk pages are used to communicate between users, either about the article, or recent edits made by a user.

Talk pages are pages that are attached to every namespace. These pages are used to communicate between users about the page attached to it. User talk pages are also used to communicate about recent edits, or just a conversation between users.

Do's and Don'ts[edit source]


Use talk pages to discuss the contents of an article.
Use talk pages to discuss major reworking of an article.
Use user talk pages to discuss edits with another user.
Use user talk pages to have a conversation with another user.
Archive your talk page. A recommended length is every 32KB of space, or 100 sections. This makes it easier to find relevant discussion and makes it easier for viewers with slower connection speeds to view.'


Protect talk pages. Talk pages are for editors to communicate between each other.
Exception:Users abuse their talk page. The user talk page should be protected for a while. An article talk page being abused should warrant a note on the troublesome editor's talk page. Should they continue abusing the page, a short block may be used.
Spam talk pages. As stated above, talk pages are for discussion contents of the article. Spam makes finding true conversation harder, and it slows the speed at which the article is loaded, due to more bytes being added.
Delete talk pages. This follows along with Project:Don't Delete Discussions. Archive them instead, to do this, create a subpage called "Namespace talk:Page/Archive #", replacing namespace with the actual name, page with the pagename, and # with the archive number. An example is "Runescape classic talk:Talk Page/Archive 1".

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