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The Skin Generator is a template that can help you design your own monaco skin. Follow these instructions to get it right:

headers: The elements such as the header for the sidebar and the edit summary/save page panel is the bottom of the editing screen can be defined by this variable.

headers-text: This can change the color of the text within such headers mentioned above.

base background: Used to change the colour of the very back of the page that everything else is on top of.

page background: This will edit the colour of the page itself (the part with all the content).

tab colour: This will change the colour of the tabs. This will be the same as what you set for the headers by default.

sidebar shade: This will allow you to edit the background of elements such as the sidebar and your other widgets.

So, when you put it all together, it should look like this:

{{RuneScape Classic:Skin Generator
|headers = ?
|headers-text = ?
|base background = ?
|page background = ?
|tab colour = ?
|sidebar shade = ?

For more help picking out colours, look here.

When using the template, copy out the above template and go to User:yourname/monaco.css. click on the talk page for your css file and insert the template, then change everything to your liking. Save the page and your skin should appear on screen. Copy/paste this into the css file and save the page. Then follow the on-screen instructions to apply the skin. Report any errors to me on my talk.