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This page in a nut shell: Always assume good faith when editing highscores.

Here on Runescape Classic Wiki we have a system of highscores to keep track of each editor's levels in Runescape Classic. As we are the only highscore of such, we have rules that you must obey when editing a highscore.

Rules[edit source]

  1. If you are editing your own highscore, please make it in good faith and be truthful about your level.
  2. If you are editing somebody else's highscore, you may only fix templates and such, editing their actual highscore to something which is not correct is deemed as vandalism.
  3. Please make sure not to break a template while editing a highscore, or it will become increasingly difficult to manage.

Obligation Badge and Category[edit source]

If a highscore page is in correct order, with no vandalism whatsoever, it is mandated to have a "Obligation Badge" and category. All highscores which do not posses a Obligation Badge or category will become subject to investigation and cleanup.

Example[edit source]

Obligation BadgeThis highscore page follows the rules of the RSC:RFEH Policy.