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  1. 6 May 2010 - ?

If a page is not up to the wiki's standards or have a valid reason for deletion, her is the place to list the page and reach a community consensus of whether or not to keep it.

Listing an Article[edit source]

To list an article for deletion:

  1. Add {{delete}} to the article
  2. Create a subpage here for the article (wiki/RuneScape Classic:Requests for deletion/Page name here)
  3. On the subpage, put ===[[Page name here]]===, the state your reasons for why it should be deleted
  4. Come here and add {{RuneScape Classic:Requests for deletion/Page name here}} to the bottom

Stances[edit source]

You can vote to:

  • Keep - You are voting that the article should be kept
  • Delete - You are voting that it should be deleted
  • Comment - You are making a comment on the deletion of the article
  • Neutral - You don't have a stance, neither keep nor oppose

State your reasoning for any stances

Archiving (for admins)[edit source]

  1. Find the consensus for the article
  2. Add the consensus in italics with the result also in bold
    1. If the result is to delete the article, delete it
  3. Archive the request and delete it from this page

Pages Being Listed For Deletion[edit source]

See also[edit source]