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This page is for the nominations for a user to receive administration rights. These users nominated should be chosen for their current work in the wiki; some good activities to work on is to participate in discussions, work in reverting vandalized pages, and to be overall a good person.

How to nominate[edit source]

  1. First, to nominate a user, make sure that the user wishes to be given admin rights. Leave a note on their talkpage that you want to nominate them.
  2. If they accept the nomination, make a new page at RuneScape:Requests for adminship/username.
  3. Place why you think the user deserves these rights, please be thorough. Also add a discussion tab on the page by adding two equal signs, ==, on each side of the discussion words. It should read == Discussion ==.
  4. Have the nominated user post on the page after your reasons that they accept the nomination.
  5. Add the page name underneath RuneScape Classic:Requests for adminship#Current nominations .

After all that, others should post saying whether or not they believe that a user should receive the rights. After the nomination period ends, or there is belief that the result is going to be that the user gets them, a bureaucrat should move the nomination to the archive, and give the user the appropriate rights.

Current nominations[edit source]

Current requests for adminship
Username Nomination date Closing date Discussion
There are currently no requests for adminship.