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Project[edit source]

This project is about maintaining the images on the RuneScape Classic wiki. Be it cropping images, replacing them, or adding transparency.

Userbox[edit source]

Walking.gifThis user contributes to the Image Maintenance Project.

Add {{User Image}} to your user page.

Members[edit source]

Project Leaders[edit source]

  1. Nex UndiqueTalk

Project Members[edit source]

If you wish to be in this project, please sign your name first with # and then add ~~~.

  1. ZorakTalk
  2. Sirnot1
  3. UserStaff of Iban.pngIsaacganzWizardshat (blue).pngTalk
  4. King Vivil Talk
  5. VvaveVvave
  6. Sir Punchula
  7. Supermoe1985
  8. Trail2006

What To Do[edit source]

  • Add {{jpeg}} to all JPEG/JPEG-derived images, so that they may be replaced with a higher-quality PNG image
  • Add {{transparent}} to all images without a transparent background
  • Add {{gif}} to all GIF/GIF-derived images, so that they may be replaced with PNG images

What Not To Do[edit source]

  • Don't just convert a JPEG or GIF image into a PNG image. It won't increase the quality, and will just increase the size. You should find the subject again, and take a new picture.