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This page in a nut shell: Please don't edit others userpages.

It is a commonly accepted practice that other users should not edit another user's userpage, as it can be viewed rude. Some users might want that one word spelled like that, or the wording of the sentence to be in that order.

If you feel that an edit should be made to the page, leave a small note on the user talk page. The user who the message is for might change it, or might leave it the same. Whatever their actions are, you should not edit a userpage.

Exceptions[edit source]

There are a few exceptions to any rules, and there are some to this rule.

  • If the userpage has something uncreated that is being linked to. Otherwise known as red links, these links will be placed into the wanted pages or the wanted categories.
  • Personal attacks on a user, whether it be slight or major, we are all human and all have feelings.
  • Reverting vandalism to the page.
  • If the person has given permission to the user, then the user can edit. Even though the player gave permission, it is always best to place in the edit summery that you gained permission first.