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If you are reporting vandalism, click this link.
But remember to always assume good faith.

Welcome to the RuneScape Classic Wiki's Counter Vandalism Unit. This page is here to help combat vandalism on the wiki. This page is monitored by administrators who have the ability to deal with and stop vandals. Vandalism is an offence that a user may be blocked for. If you have noticed vandalism on an article, please post the article and name of the offending user/IP address under the Current vandalism section, and it will be dealt with shortly.

What should be reported[edit source]

  • Blanking pages.
  • Posting offensive material, whether it be images or words.
  • Adding nonsense.
  • False/deceptive information being added to an article when the contributor knows that it is false.
  • Personal attacks on a user.
  • Content which encourages breaking any Laws/RuneScape Classic rules.
  • Advertising in any form (aside from websites listed under "External Links" which relate to the article that it is being put in)
  • Impersonating a user.

What should not be reported[edit source]

  • A heated discussion where differing opinions are being debated or discussed.
  • Common mistakes, such as incorrect categorisation or misspelled words.
  • Contributing in languages other than English. They should instead be directed to a non-English RuneScape Classic Wiki.
  • Creating articles about players, just tag them with {{d}}.
  • Incorrect information being added to an article when the contributor is not aware of them being incorrect.

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Objections[edit source]

If you feel that you have been wrongly accused of vandalism, leave a comment on your talk page. They will be read by an administrator.

Current vandalism[edit source]

  • Administrators: When a vandal has been dealt with, please replace name/I.P. with "insert vandal".
  • Reporters: When referencing a vandal account, please insert the suspected vandal's name/I.P. into the "insert vandal" in the cvuid template: {{cvuid|username}} or for anonymous users, {{cvuid|IPaddress}}.