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The RuneScape Classic Wiki is the primary source of information on the now defunct RuneScape Classic. Founded on 19 April 2009, the RuneScape Classic Wiki is dedicated to documenting everything in RuneScape Classic.

There are currently 4,192 articles on the RuneScape Classic Wiki, with 120,506 edits made to 17,790 pages in total. The wiki currently has 11 active users and 28 administrators.

How to get involved


Anyone can edit the wiki, if you see anything that needs changing – change it! If you notice improper grammar, spelling errors, inaccuracies or any general incompleteness, hit the Edit button at the top of the page and correct it. You can also help by checking recent changes for vandalism or browsing through our many maintenance categories.

If you find yourself editing regularly, it is recommended to create an account, this will hide your IP address from public view and grant additional editing rights.

Contacting the administrators

The easiest way to contact an administrator is by joining our Discord server here and asking for a rsc admin in the #wiki-rsc channel. For technical questions, you can use the #wiki-tech channel.