Rock of Dalgroth

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"A mysterious boulder of the ogres"

The Rock of Dalgroth is a piece of scenery with the form of a rock in the center of the Ogre Enclave. It is cracked during Watchtower quest with level 40 mining and it gives Powering crystal4 but no Mining experience. A Bronze Pickaxe bubble is shown while mining the rock.

A player mining the rock

Messages[edit | edit source]

Prospecting the rock:

"You examine the rock for ores...
This rock contains a crystal!"

Before player kills all of the Ogre Shamans and attempts to mine it:

Player: I can't touch it
Player: Perhaps it is linked with the shaman some way ?

After killing all of the Ogre Shamans and mining it:

"You have a swing at the rock!
You swing your pick at the rock...
A crack appears in the rock and you prize a crystal out"

If player attempts to mine another crystal while they have one in their inventory:

Player: I already have this crystal
Player: There is no benefit to getting another

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