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A Rock cake is an item which is needed to distract the ogre guards for access to the Ogre Enclave, during the Watchtower quest. It can be stolen from the Rock cake counter, requiring level 15 Thieving, giving the player 16 Thieving experience.

When eaten:

You eat the rock cake
Player: Ow! I nearly broke a tooth!
You feel strangely heavier and more tired

Despite the message, eating a rock cake does not lower any stats and in fact heals 4 Hits when consumed, similar to a regular Slice of Cake.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the other edible cakes, the rock does not have slices and is eaten fully.
  • Unlike in RuneScape 2 and its successors, the rock cake will not harm the player when eaten. This is most likely an oversight, as it doesn't match the server messages.