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This article is about numerous cosmetic and quest scenery rocks, for other types of rocks, please see Rock

A rock or rocks are decorative scenery which can be found all over Gielinor. Rocks which have been mined and are temporarily empty can be referred to as rocks. There are others that can be found which never contain any ore. These are usually called empty rocks.

Rocks in the Underground Pass can be mined for the item rocks, which is used in the quest.

Some scenery rocks have no options other than examine.
The rocks in Digsite dungeon can be searched for nothing.
Asgarnian Ice Dungeon rocks are typical empty rocks found in mines. They may fool miners expecting a respawning ore.
There is a lot of inconsistency between rocks. These rocks on top of White Wolf Mountain have a mining option but are still called "Rocks" unlike other mineables which are called simply "Rock".
Desert Mining Camp Rocks Examine: I wonder if I can climb up these
Examine: A rocky outcrop If players attempt to mine or prospect the Rocks they get the message "Nothing interesting happens"

Locations[edit | edit source]

Some rock locations include:

  • Desert Mining Camp - The Rocks have a climb option. Players get the following message if they take damage while climbing them:
"You start climbing the rocky elevation.
You slip a little and tumble the rest of the way down the slope."
"You find nothing of interest." (players unable to get Volencia Moss)
"Small amounts of herb moss are growing at the base of this rock" (player finding Volencia Moss, drops on the rock)

Underground Pass Stone Plaques[edit | edit source]

Rock (plaque).png

Rocks are featured heavily during Underground Pass quest. They are traversed by mining, climbing and swinging over them with a rope. Some of the rocks contain writings on Iban, which have been "scratched into the rocks by bare hands".

All those who thirst for knowledge
Bow down to the lord.

All you that crave eternal life
Come and meet your God.

For no man nor beast can cast a spell
Against the wake of eternal hell.
Rock message1.png
Most men do live in fear of death
That it might steal their soul.

Some work and pray to shield their life
From the ravages of the cold.

But only those who embrace the end
Can truly make their lfie extend.

And when all hope begins to fade

look above and use nature as your aid
Rock message2.png
And now our God has given us
One who is from our own.

A saviour who once sat upon
His father's glorious thrown.

It is in your name that we will lead the attack Iban
son of Zamorak!
Rock message3.png

Near Tomb of Iban is a rock with the following text:

Leave this battered corpse be

For now he lives as spirit alone

Let his flesh rest and become one with the earth

As it is the soil that shall rise to protect him

Only as flesh becomes dust, as wood becomes ash...

..will Iban's corpse embrace nature and finally rest
Rock message4.png

Old Journal replicas[edit | edit source]

The following texts on platforms are also found in Old Journal:

Ibans Shadow

Then came the hard part: recreating the parts of a man
that cannot be seen or touched: those intangible things
that are life itself. Using all the mystical force that I could
muster, I performed the ancient ritual of Incantia, a spell
so powerful that it nearly stole the life from my frail and
withered body. Opening my eyes again, I saw the three
demons that had been summoned. Standing in a triangle,
their energy was focused on the doll. These demons
would be the keepers of Iban's shadow. Black as night,
their shared spirit would follow his undead body like an
angel of death.

Last parts of the chapter on Iban's conscience:

Crumbling some of the dove's bones onto the doll, I cast
my mind's eye onto Iban's body. My ritual was complete,
soon he would be coming to life. I, Kardia, had resurrected
the legendary Iban, the most powerful evil being ever to
take human form. And I alone knew that the same
process that I had used to create him, was also capable
of destroying him.

But now I was exhausted. As I closed my eyes to sleep, I
was settled by a strange feeling of contentment
anticipation of the evil that Iban would soon unleash.

Examines[edit | edit source]

Rocks have several different examine options:

  • A rocky outcrop
  • A small rocky outcrop
  • More rocks!
  • A moss covered rock (Tai Bwo Wannai mine)
  • You should be able to move these
  • Scripture has been carved into the rock
  • Some rocks are close to the egde
  • A small pile of stones
  • Strange rocks - who knows why they're wanted? (Desert Mining Camp mine)
  • A large boulder blocking the stream (in the final section of Legends caverns)
  • The remains of a large rock