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This article is about agility and quest related obstacles, for other rocks please see Rock

Agility rocks are numerous shortcuts and obstacles that usually require certain agility level to pass. They are found in many dungeons during quests. Some of them can be failed for damage. They usually give no Agility experience, unlike most other agility shortcuts.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Level Location Notes Image
1 Underground Pass Part of agility maze in level 2
The beginning of the agility maze is marked with number five.
Another type of agility obstacle rocks in Underground Pass
15 Yanille north wall
Main article: Climbing rocks
30 Gu'Tanoth (south) Ogre guards must be paid 20 coins to jump the rocks - grants 12.5 experience.
Paying 20GP to Ogre guards in order to use level 30 agility obstacle rock in Gu'Tanoth
32 Cairn Isle Well stacked rocks is an entrance to Tomb of Bervirius.

The rocks may be searched and climbed down during Shilo Village quest.

After the quest the tomb is filled with water and cannot be entered.

Examine: Rocks that have been stacked at regular intervals
32 Ah Za Roon Another type of agility obstacle encountered during Shilo Village quest is Wet rocks.

They can be climbed to get out of Ah Za Roon. Another option is to craft a Crude Raft and float it out.

Wet rocks by the Ah Za Roon waterfall
50 Kharazi Jungle rocks Entrance to Legends caverns
Kharazi Jungle rocks

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Examines:
    • A rocky outcrop
    • A small rocky outcrop
    • I wonder if I can climb up these

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