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A Raw giant carp is an item which is caught at the fishing spot in Hemenster using a fishing rod and red vine worms as bait during the Fishing Contest quest. When it is caught and the player has three fish or deliberately asks Bonzo to wait, the player hands the fish over to him to win the contest and earn the Hemenster fishing trophy.

Should the player want many of them for a souvenir, they need to do the drop trick - that is dropping the giant carp each time and attempting to catch a new one. All caught fish which had not been dropped will be handed to Bonzo. In order to repeat the process, the player needs to drop the trophy received before speaking to him again. The raw giant carp can also be cooked at level 10 to make a Giant Carp, yielding 60 Cooking experience and healing 6 hits. Fishing it, however, gives no Fishing experience.

Technically the competition expires when at most three fish have been caught, and one cannot be dropped in time when Bonzo makes the call. As a result, in the best case of the drop trick 2 raw giant carps get caught per 5 coins.

Products[edit | edit source]

Giant Carp.png giant Carp

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player tries to cook the giant carp but fails to do so, they will end up with the no fin version of the burnt fish, as opposed to failing to cook other fish with fins.