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A Raw Lobster is a fish that is obtained through the fishing skill. It requires level 40 fishing to catch and level 40 cooking to cook.

Catching a lobster gives 90 Fishing experience and cooking it gives 120 Cooking experience. Successfully cooking a raw lobster on a fire or range gives a cooked lobster. Failure to cook it properly produces a burnt lobster. Players stop burning lobsters at level 74 Cooking, or 64 Cooking with Gauntlets of cooking. To catch a lobster, players must have a lobster pot in their inventory and they must click an appropriate fishing spot. Popular places to fish lobsters are Catherby, the Fishing Guild and Karamja.

Like many raw fish, raw lobsters can be exchanged for raw lobster certificates by talking to Niles at the Draynor Village market.

Products[edit | edit source]

Lobster.png Lobster

Store locations[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Fishing Guild ShopFishing Guild0Coins.png 150Coins.png 105Member icon.png
Gerrant's Fishy BusinessPort Sarim0Coins.png 150Coins.png 105Free-to-play icon.png
Harry's Fishing ShackCatherby0Coins.png 150Coins.png 105Member icon.png