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The rare drop table is a special list of items. When slain, some monsters have a chance to give loot from the rare drop table instead of loot from their own unique drop table.

Items on the rare drop table[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Uncut sapphire.pngUncut sapphire13Uncommon (~1/25.6)
Uncut emerald.pngUncut emerald13Uncommon (~1/51.2)
Uncut ruby.pngUncut ruby14Rare (~1/102.4)
Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond14Rare (~1/409.6)
Half of a key (loop).pngHalf of a key (loop)12Common (~1/6.35)
Half of a key (tooth).pngHalf of a key (tooth)12Common (~1/6.68)
Half Dragon Square Shield (left).pngHalf Dragon Square Shield (left)14Rare (~1/360.34)
Rune Spear.pngRune Spear15Very rare (~1/1,081.01)
Rune Kite Shield.pngRune Kite Shield14Rare (~1/128)
Rune Square Shield.pngRune Square Shield13Uncommon (~1/64)
Dragonstone.pngDragonstone13Uncommon (~1/64)
Dragon medium Helmet.pngDragon medium Helmet14Rare (~1/128)
Rune Axe.pngRune Axe13Uncommon (~1/42.67)
Runite bar.pngRunite bar13Uncommon (~1/64)
Rune 2-handed Sword.pngRune 2-handed Sword13Uncommon (~1/42.67)
Rune battle Axe.pngRune battle Axe13Uncommon (~1/64)
Law-Rune.pngLaw-Rune303Uncommon (~1/42.67)
Death-Rune.pngDeath-Rune303Uncommon (~1/64)
Bronze Arrows.pngBronze Arrows3003Uncommon (~1/64)
Silver certificate.pngSilver certificate203Uncommon (~1/64)
Coal certificate.pngCoal certificate203Uncommon (~1/64)
Nature-Rune.pngNature-Rune453Uncommon (~1/64)
Coins.pngCoins30002Common (~1/5.12)

Monsters that can access the rare drop table[edit | edit source]

These monsters can drop all items found on the rare drop table.

Monster Combat level
Fire Giant 109
Black Demon 156, 175
Black Dragon 200
King Black Dragon 245