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Quest Points are acquired by completing any of the various quests in RuneScape Classic. The maximum Quest Points possible to have is 112, the last 4 of which are gained after completing the Legend's Quest.

Quest point rewards[edit | edit source]

These are the Quest point rewards which players will receive per quest, in alphabetical order:

  • Under construction (WIP)

Guilds with QP requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Champions Guild
  • Hero's Guild
    • In order to begin Hero's quest, the player must have 55 Quest points, meaning they will have to have to complete the quest and then have over 55 Quest points to gain entry
  • Legends' Guild
    • Accessing the exterior courtyard of the Legends' Guild requires 107 quest points. The interior also requires 107 quest points, but Siegfried Erkle will not sell anything to you until you complete Legend's Quest.

Quests with QP start requirements[edit | edit source]

In addition to Dragon Slayer, certain other quests have a quest point requirement in order to begin them:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Silk trader in Al Kharid used to sell silk for less money to those with high Influence an early form of Quest Points. Influence was later replaced by Quest Points in RuneScape Classic.