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Pub icon.png Pubs are buildings that typically sell beer, and sometimes other food and drink. There are 12 pubs located throughout Gielinor, and several of them are required to visit during the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl mini-quest.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Bar name Location Bartender
Blue Moon Inn [1] Varrock Bartender (Blue Moon Inn)
Blurberry's Bar 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of The Grand Tree Blurberry barman
Dancing Donkey Inn Varrock Bartender (Dancing Donkey Inn)
Dead Man's Chest [1] Brimhaven Kangai Mau
Fight Arena Bar Fight Arena Khazard Bartender
Flying Horse Inn East Ardougne Bartender (Flying Horse Inn)
Forester's Arms [1] Seers' Village Bartender (Forester's Arms)
Jolly Boar Inn [1] Varrock Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn)
Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers Musa Point Zambo
Rising Sun Inn [1] Falador Barmaids
The Rusty Anchor [1] Port Sarim Bartender (The Rusty Anchor)
Ye Olde Dragon Inn Yanille Bartender (Ye Olde Dragon Inn)
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