Protect from missiles

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Magic Prayers
Level 1: Thick skin
Level 4: Burst of strength
Level 7: Clarity of thought
Level 10: Rock skin
Level 13: Superhuman strength
Level 16: Improved reflexes
Level 19: Rapid restore
Level 22: Rapid heal
Level 25: Protect items
Level 28: Steel skin
Level 31: Ultimate strength
Level 34: Incredible reflexes
Level 37: Paralyze monster
Level 40: Protect from missiles
Level 40: Protect from missiles
Ranged attacks can't do damage
Drain rate: 60

Protect from Missiles is a prayer that can be used with 40 Prayer, making it the highest level prayer in RuneScape Classic. It is used to protect the player from ranged based damage.

No monsters use ranged based attacks in RuneScape Classic and so this prayer is only useful in PvP combat, particularly in the wilderness.