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Protect from Missiles is a prayer that can be used with 40 Prayer, making it the highest level prayer in RuneScape Classic. It is used to protect the player from ranged based damage.

No monsters use ranged based attacks in RuneScape Classic, and ranged-based attacks are impossible in a duel, so this prayer is only useful in PvP combat in the Wilderness.

The prayer works by cancelling ranged attacks, so in spite of its high drain rate, it can be quickly "flicked on" to cancel a ranger's attack until they re-click attack again. It is ineffective against Magic attacks, which do not follow the same system and don't deal repeated damage. When the attacking player's ranged attack is cancelled, they will receive the message Player has a protection from missiles prayer active![1][2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some players argue that the Protect from Missiles prayer, at some stage, also protected from Magic spells in PvP situations[3]. However, descriptive information of the prayer at the time of transition to RuneScape 2[4] and later evidence of players being hit by a spell while having the prayer up[5][6][7] both indicate that the prayer only blocked ranged damage between late 2003 and 2018. It is unclear, but unlikely, that the prayer functioned differently prior to this period.

References[edit | edit source]

  4. JaGeX' overview of the RS2 combat system: "Due to these combat system changes, we've changed also updated the Prayers. This is to remove the bias towards helping Melee fighters and blocking Rangers. 'Paralyze Monster' has become 'Protect from Melee'. 'Protect from ranged' is still available as before. And we've added a new prayer - 'Protect from Magic'.