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Player Moderators, also known as PMods or just mods, are RuneScape players chosen specifically by Jagex staff due to their commitment to the in-game community. They are ambassadors of the game and help to maintain an enjoyable in-game environment. They were added to the game on 14 June 2004 after the introduction of RuneScape 2 and since then the team has grown to over 5,000 with current player moderators around 2,000. Other types of moderators include Forum Moderators and Jagex Moderators. All RuneScape Player Moderators are automatically FunOrb Player Moderators and vice versa. In more recent times, they can also be known as champions of the community.

Player Moderators can be recognised by having a silver crown visible next to their name when they speak in-game. However, it is not present in their username when right clicking. Also, the crown cannot be disabled or hidden. In addition, there is no way to identify a Player Moderator on the Runescape forums as their posts appear the same as a regular player. This is due to them not having any ability to moderate on the forums.

Player Moderators have access to the Player Moderator Centre, which contains links to the Player Moderator forums, ability to contact Jagex, and up-to-date moderating guidelines. These features allow Player Moderators to have the guidance and advice they need, while allowing Jagex to collect valuable feedback.

When reporting, Player Moderators have an additional ability to add a temporary 48 hour mute for more serious issues. All abuse reports made by Player Moderators are directed to a dedicated group of Jagex staff members who monitor and review all the reports of the Player Moderators who are in their team, as a matter of priority to ensure the actions taken by a Player Moderator are correct. Generally, if a mute is issued by a Player Moderator Jagex staff will review and action their report, if necessary before those 48 hours are up.

Being a Player Moderator is a volunteer role and they gain no advantages, such as free membership or any in game advantages.