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The plague sample is a quest item given to the player by Elena during the Biohazard quest. The player must smuggle it into the gated area in the south-east of Varrock and give it to Guidor along with some ethenea, liquid honey, sulphuric broline and touch paper. Unlike ethenea, liquid honey, and sulphuric broline, the plague sample will disintegrate if you teleport with it in your inventory with few exceptions (noted below). Banking the item was the easiest way to avoid this.

Player who teleport with the sample receive the message:

the plague sample is too delicate...
it disintegrates in the crossing

Disintegration Properties[edit | edit source]

The plague sample broke on all spellbook teleports, and on the dragonstone amulet teleports. However, it does not break upon any of the following activities:

  • death (and was able to be kept in the inventory)
  • dueling with another player
  • either being attacked by a monster, or initiating the attack
  • using a gnome glider
  • failing any and all agility obstacles, including falling down the karamjan waterfall or onto the spikepit of the dwarven agility course
  • using Wizard Cromperty's teleportation block
  • some spirit tree teleports (see below)
Location Destination Breaks?
Battlefield Tree Gnome Village No
Forest between Edgeville and Varrock Tree Gnome Village No
Tree Gnome Village Battlefield No
Gnome Stronghold Battlefield No
Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome Village Yes
Tree Gnome Village Gnome Stronghold Yes
Gnome Stronghold Forest between Edgeville and Varrock Yes
Tree Gnome Village Forest between Edgeville and Varrock Yes

The pattern that can be gleaned from this is that if the spirit tree teleport was useful in advancing toward Varrock, the disintegration check was applied. If it wasn't useful toward advancing to Varrock, they didn't bother adding the check.