Pirates' Hideout

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Location on World Map
Wilderness Agility Course Pirates' Hideout Bat House
Deep Wilderness dungeon

The Pirates' Hideout is a building in high-level wilderness that requires a Lockpick and level 39 Thieving to enter. It houses 11 Pirates, all of which are aggressive and one Half a Redberry pie spawns on the table, making it a sustainable and afk training method.

Chests[edit | edit source]

The house features two level 13 chests on the eastern wall that contain 10 coins and give 7.5 Thieving experience and 0.133% fatigue. On the southern wall there is a 50 coins chest (on the south-west side) giving 125 Thieving experience and 2.633% fatigue and one Nature-Rune chest (south-east side) that requires 28 thieving and gives 25 Thieving experience and 0.533% fatigue.