Pestle and mortar

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A Pestle and mortar is used to grind up unicorn horns, blue dragon scales, Bat Bones, Chocolate Bars and Charcoal for use in the herblaw skill.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Jatix's Herblaw ShopTaverley3Coins.png 4Coins.png 2Member icon.png
Entrana Herblaw ShopEntrana3Coins.png 4Coins.png 2Member icon.png
Grud's herblaw stallGu'tanoth3Coins.png 4Coins.png 2Member icon.png
Tai Bwo Wannai General StoreTai Bwo Wannai3Coins.png 6Coins.png 2Member icon.png
Shilo Village General StoreShilo Village3Coins.png 6Coins.png 2Member icon.png