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Location on World Map
Sinclair Mansion
McGrubor's Wood Party room Camelot
Sorceror's tower

The Party room, or as referenced in-game (see tele-grab message) as the Party hall, is a two story building located in Seers' Village. The building can be found southeast of the bank, and is fairly sparse and empty, with the only interior scenery objects being a fireplace and two barrels. The upstairs floor is accessed via stairs and is completely empty room with wooden floors.

The Party room became well known as a location from which players could host Drop parties and other events.

The Party room is unique in that players are unable to cast telekinetic grab on any of the tiles inside of the building.[Clarify] Doing so will produce the following message:


This feature is important as using telekinetic grab makes picking up items at from afar very easy, giving those without the spell far less of a chance to pick up the dropped items as they appear.

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