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Examine: A shady palm tree
Examine: A nice palm tree

A PalmTree is a type of tree found on Karamja, in the Al Kharid Desert, and also one can be found south of the Exam Centre. Leafy Palm Trees in the Kharazi Jungle can be shaken to get Palm tree leaf, an ingredient for Cooked Oomlie meat Parcel.

The PalmTrees near Ship yard gate can be searched and one of them contains Ardrigal, a herb used in Jungle Potion quest.

Messages[edit | edit source]

The palm containing Ardrigal

Searching the Palm Tree:

You find nothing of interest this time, sorry! (players unable to find Ardrigal)
You find a herb plant growing at the base of the palm (player finding Ardrigal, drops on the palm)

Shaking a Leafy Palm Tree:

You give the palm tree a good shake.
A palm leaf falls down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

A shaken Leafy Palm Tree
  • Upon shaking the Leafy Palm Tree it becomes a regular PalmTree.
    Examine: A shady palm tree