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The ogre potion is a quest item used in the Watchtower quest. The Watchtower wizard may enchant it into a Magic ogre potion. Creating the potion requires level 14 Herblaw and gives a total of 50 Herblaw experience.

Steps to create ogre potion are:

  1. Make unfinished guam potion by using Guam leaf with vial of water
  2. Add Jangerberries (+25 Herblaw experience) to receive an unfinished shaman potion.
  3. Finish with Ground bat bones (+25 Herblaw experience)

Possible mistakes:

Attempting to make the potion before the quest will have the character say:

Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't try to mix these items together

It might have unpredictable results...

Using Ogre potion on Watchtower wizard after the quest will bring about the following lines:

Another potion ?
Ooo no, I don't think so...
I can't let you use this anymore, it is just too dangerous
I'd better take it from you before you injure yourself

Creation[edit | edit source]

Member icon.png
Unfinished potion (Ogre).pngUnfinished potion (Ogre)1
Ground bat bones.pngGround bat bones1
Ogre potion.pngOgre potion1