Musa Point

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Location on World Map
Brimhaven Musa Point Asgarnian southern peninsula
Ship yard

Musa Point is the free to play area of Karamja.

There is a settled area to the east of the point, containing the Karamja General Store, a pub called Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers from which you can buy rum for the Pirates Treasure quest, the banana plantation where you can work for some money, and a pier containing a boat to/from Port Sarim (costs 30gp each way).

To the north of the plantation is a small pier with a fishing spot for Lobster and Swordfish. This is the only place in the free world to catch these fish.

In the west of the area is the Karamja Volcano. There is an entrance to a dungeon at the top, and on the surface are many aggressive scorpions. To the far west is a fence separating it from the members only area with Brimhaven on the other side of a gate.