Metalic Dungeon Gate

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Metalic Dungeon Gate is a dungeon gate guarded by UndeadOnes inside Rashiliyia's Tomb. During the Shilo Village quest, players need to equip their Beads of the dead to go through, otherwise they will choke out returning to where they were and having to fight once again more UndeadOnes. The gate has two options - Open and Search.

When player successfully gets to the other side, a teleport animation is played, even though the user remains in their location.
There is an ancient symbol on the gate.
It looks like a human figure with something around it's neck.
It looks pretty scary.
The gates feel unearthly cold to the touch!
Are you sure you want to go through?
  • Yes, I am completely fearless!
    • (not having equipped the Beads of the dead)
      • You feel invisible hands starting to choke you...
      • Player: *Cough*
      • You are under attack!
      • Player: *Choke*
      • You can barely manage to crawl back through the gates...
      • Player: *Cough*
      • Player: *Choke*
      • Player: *...*
      • Player: * Gaaaa....*
    • (having equipped the Beads of the dead)
      • The Beads of the dead start to glow...
      • (player manages to get to the other side of the gate)
  • Err, I'm having second thoughts now!
    • You manage to pull your spineless body away from the ancient gates.