Metal Gate

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Fighting the undead by the gate.
Examine: The gate is closed

Metal Gate is a gate located in the Shilo Village. It is an entrance to the city, along with Wooden Gate and a farm cart.

It looks exactly like regular metallic gate but when opened from the outside player will pass the second middle section with UndeadOnes and enter the city.

While the gate can be opened prior to finishing the quest they cannot open the wooden gate which is the last step to enter the village.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Opening the gate before completing the quest:

The gate feels very cold to your touch!
Are you sure you want to go through?
Yes, I am fearless!
The gates open very slowly...
As soon as the gates open, the Zombies grab you and start dragging you inside!
Player: Oh no, I'm done for!
A green thick mist rises from the ground and starts choking you.
You feel your energy being drained away!
You feel a wave of nausia[sic] coming over you...!
No, actually I have a bad feeling about this!
You drag your quivering body [sic]away from the gates.
You look around, but you don't think anyone saw you.

After player has finished the quest:

You open the gates and make your way through into
the village.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While the messages for going through the gate before completing the quest says you feel drained and nausia[sic] the player's stats are not affected at all.