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The interface for interacting with a Members object.

A Members object was the name given to any item that could only be used on a Pay-to-play world, when logged into a Free-to-play world. It could not be traded nor equipped. If it was already equipped, the player would still have it equipped on the free world but it couldn't be put back on until they switched to a members world. Member objects lost their bonuses and item commands (if it had any).

Member objects could not be sold, traded or drop traded, if the latter was done they would just end up disappearing after being on the ground for a long time.

A pure F2P player could get a members object if they entered Elvarg's lair soon after another player had defeated Elvarg. Having a members object on a free-to-play world, however, was of no use.

Examining any members object provided the description "You need to be a member to use this object".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the fact that a members object suggested to be a member to use it, it worked identically to Member's Gate, where the player needed to also be on a members world.
  • On the official Jagex servers the term ceased to exist between 2005-2018, due to them keeping only member servers.