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// <pre>

 * Please refer to [[rsw:RuneScape:Theme]] to make a selection of certain colours.
 * If that page does not have the colour you need, add the colour to [[MediaWiki:Common.less/colors.less]]
 * Refer to that colour as a Less-variable in this file. No hashtags allowed in this file!

/* -----------------
   ----------------- */
// imported in [[MediaWiki:Common.less/fonts.less]]

@serif-stack:      'PT Serif', 'Palatino', 'Georgia', serif;
@sans-serif-stack: 'IBM Plex Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', 'Arial', sans-serif;

/* ----------------
       theme vars
   ---------------- */
// @TODO: Make use of colors defined in MediaWiki:Common.less/colors.less

@theme-buttons:    #444444;
@theme-page:       #ffffff;
@default-page:     #fff;

@content-bg:		@off-white;

@bot-color:			@lavender;
@jagex-crown:		"Jagex_moderator_crown.png";