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// <pre>
 * Highlighted usernames
 * Instructions:
 * The order that names appear on this list determine which title takes precedence.  
 * A user will be marked by the last entry in this list, no matter how many entries they have.
 * Try to keep these lists alphabetised instead of adding to the end. 
 * Add comments for the unencoded name for accounts with url encoded characters, for example: %C9%98 -> ɘ 

@u: "/w/User:";

.mw-userlink {

    // bots
        color: @bot-color;

    // jagex moderators
    	background: url('filepath://@{jagex-crown}.png') left no-repeat;
    	padding-left: 15px;

        image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges; // firefox
    	image-rendering: pixelated; // chrome
    	image-rendering: crisp-edges; // safari