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Map view or also referred as minimap in newer versions of RuneScape is the view of the player's surrounding area. It displays nearby buildings, items which can be grabbed as red dots, monsters and non-player characters as yellow dots, scenery as light-blue dots, friends as light-green dots, and other players are shown as white dots. Clicking on the minimap serves not only to see the local area around the player, but also provides a method to walk farther than what is possible by clicking on the terrain. Note that the same rules of movement done by clicking on terrain apply, that is, if the path is blocked due to factors like door/gate closed or an npc in front of the player, clicking on the minimap will not be different for the same path.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the newer versions of RuneScape, icons of points of interest (e.g. shops or quest start points) are not shown inside the minimap, as such players might need to combine using the World map when getting to an unfamiliar zone.

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