Manual:Skills (2000)

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This part of the official manual is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website and may not accurately reflect the current version of RuneScape Classic.
This text dates to 2000 [[]].

Runescape skills list[edit | edit source]

Cooking skill[edit | edit source]

cook meat on fire to get food
use water with flour to get dough
use dough with pot and stove to get bread
use water and hops and jug to get unfermented beer
use water and wine and jug to get unfermented wine
unfermented drinks convert automatically with time

Sewing skill[edit | edit source]

Use shears with sheep to get wool
Kill animals to get furs and skins
Tak cow hide to tannery to get leather
Use pattern and needle and fur/skin/leather/wool to make:

  • clothing
  • water-skin
  • whip
  • sling
  • cloak
  • leather armour
  • gloves
  • boots

Mining skill[edit | edit source]

Prospect rock to determine ore type, and chance of success
use pickaxe with rocks to get various types of ore and gems

  • Clay
  • Coal ore
  • Iron ore
  • Gold ore
  • Uncut gems

Herb-law skill[edit | edit source]

Use to identify found herbs
Use herbs for healing
Use herbs for curing poisoning
Use herbs for enhancing food
Use herbs for poisoning food
Use herbs for food purifing
Use herbs for water purifing
Use herbs with arrows to make poison arrows

Woodcutting skill[edit | edit source]

chop trees down with axe
use knife with wood to make wooden things

  • pole
  • arrow-shaft
  • club
  • shields
  • bow

Firemaking skill[edit | edit source]

use tinder box with wood to light fire
use coal with fire to make better fire
use coal with furnace to make forging more likely to work

Smithing skill[edit | edit source]

use iron ore with furnace to get steel
use gold ore with furnace to get goldcoins
use to repair broken weapons
use metal with hammer and anvil to make metal things

  • sword, two handed sword
  • axe-head
  • arrow-head
  • hammer-head
  • spear-head
  • mace-head
  • throwing-star
  • chisal
  • plate-mail armour
  • shields
  • knife

Crafting skill[edit | edit source]

use pole and axe-head, mace-head etc.. to make weapon
use arrow-shaft and arrow-head to make arrows
Use chisel with uncut gem to get jewels
Use clay and water with fire to make various pots
Use clay and water with furnace to make better pots