Manual:Sensible use (2003)

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This part of the official manual is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website and may not accurately reflect the current version of RuneScape Classic.
This text dates to 9 April 2003.

Responsible online gaming policy[edit | edit source]

Jagex intends for everyone to use and enjoy RuneScape in a responsible way.

RuneScape is a computer entertainment product and is operated with the intention of providing our users with an immersive, challenging and entertaining experience which they can enjoy from home, work or college via an online device.

Whilst we do not block people from being logged in to RuneScape over a certain number of hours we do not want or encourage people to play for more hours than is reasonable.

Please follow these simple guidelines to maintain a balanced life and get the most out of playing RuneScape.

  1. Take a break from the computer, read a book, watch a movie
  2. Take exercise at least once a week
  3. Remember it is just a game
  4. When eating, take break from the computer - it'll still be there when you come back
  5. Don't ignore your real life friends, meet up with them on a regular basis
  6. Work, or study matters, don't let playing a game stop you doing well in your studies or at work.

If you feel that your use of RuneScape is out of control and you are finding it difficult following some or all of the steps mentioned above, then please seek advice and help from a responsible adult, or medical professional.