Manual:Duelling (2002)

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This part of the official manual is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website and may not accurately reflect the current version of RuneScape Classic.
This text dates to 16 October 2002.

Duelling with other players[edit | edit source]

Duelling is only available to RuneScape members.
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Duelling allows two players to agree to a fight outside the wilderness. Either for an agreed prize, or just for fun.

To start a duel with another player right click on their character and select the 'duel with' option. The other player will be informed of your request, and to accept your duel they must click on your character and also select the "duel-with" option.

Both players will then be shown a screen where they can decide how the duel will work. First of all each player decides which items they would like to risk in the duel. If you win the duel you get all the items the other player has offered, but if you lose then the other player gets your offered items. For instance you might decide that you will wager your ruby against your opponents sword. If you wish to just duel to see who is strongest there is no need to add any items.


In addition to deciding on the stake there are 4 other options you can set:
No retreating Fed up of your opponent retreating? Then tick this box and make it a fight to the death!
No prayer Disallows the use of prayers in this duel
No magic Disallows the use of magic in this duel. Good if you want to save your runes for later!
No weapons Try a bit of unarmed combat. This option disallows the use of all worn items!
Once both players are happy with the options which have been decided they should press the accept button.

A final confirmation box will appear. This clearly lists what the duel will involve and gives you one last chance to check it is what you expected. You should read this information carefully, and then once you are sure you are happy, press the green "accept" button to begin the fight.

The duel will continue until a player retreats (if allowed), or until one player has died. If a player dies the items they agreed to risk will land on the ground for the winner to take, but they will retain all their other items.